In Review – UCAP: Bunker

Having only played a couple of sites in the UCAP family (the most recent being the late ‘The Wing’), one of our members ventured to the Bunker a couple of weeks back. This is what he had to say about.


You drive down a long winding road overlooking Gosport, past a couple of old naval forts, trying to avoid all of the cyclists enjoying the view. Turning off the road down a tiny, one car width track you arrive in car park. You collect your gear, and walk through a double doorway in a hedge at the far end of the carpark. welcome to the bunker.

This is the second UCAP venue i have been to, the first being the now closed UCAP-wing in shepton-mallet, and as such its pretty well run.

 Now a lot of people will differ on what makes a good site management team, for me its; humour, clarity, concise leadership, teamwork and most of all knowing our game. They’ve got this in droves. 

As soon as you walk in your met by a desk where you sign in, straight away your met with a good sense of humour and a friendly face, but coupled with this they’re helpful to people with questions. I saw a few newer players going up and asking lots of questions, most asking the same one, but each person was treated like they were the first person asking them which is always nice to see.

Right, the important bit, the site and the game. Its dark, bloody dark actually (strange being in a nuclear bunker 100ft underground)  so a torch is an absolute must. There’s some lighting but just enough so you don’t fall over everywhere. But this allows for some sneaky stuff.


The game area itself looks like the stargate facility, a lot of low ceiling in the corridors opening out into decent sized open rooms. Now the Bunker is a CQB site, that being said there are many long corridors and wide open rooms. Connected by small tight passageways, with mouse holes sprinkled throughout the rooms. 

So you may imagine that the facility is its own game site, well to an extent it is but throughout the site UCAP has put up barricades and blockers, cover where there wasnt any, and added in little game features like computer rooms or medical wings for objective based games.

Now for the gritty bit, the games. So the games sounded good in principle, and they were fun, but a couple of the times, in different games, it got to the point where our team had to get to the  last objective, and the only way was down two corridors, with half of the team firing down them at all times. A little bit of marshal intervention could have perked the game back up, even with the tweak of ‘defenders have one life now’. Needless to say when they just reversed the game (which took 45 min) I was a little disheartened.

That being said some of the games were very good fun. Down the length of the site runs one long corridor, the game, see how far you can push the flashing barrel up the corridor, when your shot you stop pushing. You may think that it would be another game of people firing down he corridor, surprisingly no. The whole site was in play, so little groups were out flanking, individuals doing sneaky weird stuff, it was genuinely enjoyable.

Airsoft bugbear, hit taking, everyone seems to think a site is bad for hit taking or is good for it, its down to the players. However what is down to the site is how its resolved. In this case they did a pretty good job. When informed that someone may not be taking their hits the marshals will go over to where your target is, and watch from a decent distance so it doesn’t look like they’re watching a certain player. 

OK lets wrap this up then shall we, its a well run site but with a little more marshal input could be really good. A really unique venue, it is an actual underground bloody bunker! The people are friendly, its ran by a group of mates, rather than some sites who have a different marshalling team each week.


Staff: good, friendly just need a little more umph to move games along

Game zone: its good! Unique with a bit of airsoft trickery added.

Safe zone: Its basic. A corridor with chairs either side

Facilities: Battery charging, tea and coffee and lunch with your walk on fee

Shop: Very basic, gas, ammo, couple bits of pyro, fizzy drinks and chocolate 

So there you have it, the views of an Alpha. The rest of the team will be sure to get down there at some point. You can find out further details about all of UCAPs sites through their website.