Same questions; different answers – goldilocks

Everyone has read an interview with a prominent person within the airsoft community before, with all the normal questions “ how did you get into airsoft?”, “What’s your favourite site?”, “what’s your loadout?” Blah blah blah. Questions that seem tailored or  focused on promoting a product, site to play at, a brand of gear…. everyone is so focused on what site you play at, what rifle you use or what make your gear is, maybe it’s time to look at airsoft in the UK as a whole.

So first up is @goldilocks_airsoft, a player from Bristol who’s played for Bristol recon but more recently had been playing for The Alphas. She plays at a range of sites across the UK, uses a Systema PTW and has a warrior chest rig, now we’ve got the 3 most boring questions out of the way it’s time to see what she thinks about some other things.


Q1. If you could introduce a single new rule to airsoft, what would it be?

If you stand in a cluster fuck for more than 90 second, it’s treated as a grenade kill and you have to regen, Because this will hopefully keep everyone moving and force people into more aggressive play instead of just standing about.

Q2. What’s the most disappointing piece of kit you’ve ever bought? Now this isn’t “what’s the worst” but more, something you’d heard great things about but it didn’t live up.

My first rifle, the Ares m4, when I bought it i was brand new to the sport and so I was under the false impression that it was good. I knew it had an electronic fire control system which sounded good at the time. Turned out to be a bag of shit. Seems obvious now though!

Q3. What 3 words best describe your play style?

Aggressive, determined & confident. During games I don’t fanny about, I just get on with it. I’m not afraid to give back twice as many rounds as I’m getting flying my way . You won’t catch me hiding at the back of a fight.

Q4. With the airsoft community in the UK currently somewhat fractured and the airsoft economy in the UK relatively stale…what would you like to see done differently or changed?

Try and build local communities as well as nationwide communities. Why? Because I’d hope that might encourage some local healthy competition and build up pockets of teams that train against each other improving performance across the UK. I’d love to see something like organised local training days rather than just your standard walk on.

Q5. Between the time you first started playing airsoft and now, what do you feel to be the biggest change positive and negative change?

Negative side of things, the community seems to have weakened. Players seem to be whiney and less supportive of their team mates. There’s more aggression of the wrong kind. On the Positive side, technology has come a long way- HPA, mag flash, pmags etc which makes game play waaaayyy more fun and exciting! Better toys for the big boys (and girls!)

So there we have it, not your average female airsofter, answering some relatively different questions and all without trying to keep everyone else happy.