Same questions; different answers – CQB Russian

In this post we kick off our series of player interviews. Our weekly interviews are not all about the player, but more about getting to know what players think about their own communities (trying to be as honest as possible).

We caught up with CQB Russian based out of California. One of our members had the pleasure of playing alongside Russian during his travels of the US next year.

Russian is not only a sponsored player within the US, but has also become quickly known for a real advocate for spreading the good word and enhancing the profile of Airsoft, especially among the younger generations who are just getting involved. While you might think thats a rarity, its really not within parts of the US community. Something which ours lacks enormously.


We asked him a few questions in order to expand on what he does and doesn’t like about the Airsoft community as a whole.

Q1. If you could introduce a single new rule to airsoft, what would it be?

If I could change a single rule, I would lower the red ROF in the Polar Stars and semi only with a second between every shot. 

Q2. What’s the most disappointing piece of kit you’ve ever bought? Now this isn’t “what’s the worst” but more, something you’d heard great things about but it didn’t live up.

I had heard great reviews of the Emerson pants, so I purchased a pair. After only a couple of wearings they tore under the kneepads. The material used on them doesn’t appear strong enough for heavy duty play. 

Q3. What 3 words best describe your play style? 

My style is Fast, Smooth and Accurate. 

Q4. With parts of the US Airsoft community seemingly booming, is there anything you’d like to see changed or done differently?


I really like that the Airsoft community is greatly diverse. There are players of all ages, ethnicities and and sexes. With many individuals joining groups or teams, I would really like to see the “community” become friendlier and more respectful of one another. 

Q5. Between the time you first started playing airsoft and now, what do you feel to be the biggest change positive and negative change?

When I first started playing the Polar Star guns were just becoming popular.  One of the most positive change that occurred was HPA. The hpa system on the Polar Star created guns that were much more reliable and consistent. It’s become a favourite for many players.  The negative side is the recent abuse of the system,  by over shooting your opponents and inflicting needless pain to others.

There you have it, the opinions of a very well thought of player within the US. Interesting to see that he recognises that HPA systems are great (you all know, we love them), but also that they need restrictions to keep it all fun. Something that we whole heartedly agree with. Far too many players get their hands on them and just outright abuse them.

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