Blue Fox or Blue Mouse?

Everyone has seen the pure shit storm that has erupted from the recent HTIS Op Blue Fox weekend. Before I continue, it’s worth pointing out that we did not actually attend for reasons that I’ll leave out of this post, but we have plenty of friends who did. Not officially affiliated to RedWolf but their UK head honcho very much involved and leading the pack. What does this say for them?


Below you’ll see some thoughts from one of our good friends who did attend and wow. Some might say we are glad we didn’t attend.

‘Hope is a four letter word, so is hype’
What a colossal bag of dicks it turned out to be. I took an unpaid day off work no doubt to the annoyance of my boss and bank manager in order to get down to the site with all the guys in convoy in plenty of time to ensure we got accommodation (which was very good, as were the site and facilities in general).
Many of the other guys booked time off work for before and after the weekend, others bought new guns and gear specifically for the event and to better play our assigned roles and look more like we were using Russian equipment.
It was great fun rolling in force with most of the guys as a team with the usual spirit and banter, plus some extra bods we know and get on well with, it’s just unfortunate that after the curry, cake and beers on Friday night that not a great deal of any interest happened.
Game start delayed an hour and turned out to be a skirmish style fallback game that anyone could play on a sunday for a fraction of the price! Anyway, apparently whilst the NATO team of Speshul Farces fucked about with their Night Vision Goggles and Infra Red Lasers to see if they would work outside during the day… just, what? (that’s what we were told at least by a marshal).
When they finally did get anywhere near attacking our entrenched position, they were immediately deterred by the strength of a one man sniper effort that brought their mighty elite organised units to a halt or caused an immediate about facing. Another sniper also got bored of waiting and got up front as far as we were allowed to snipe some fools as well.
Apparently as their elite forces still struggled to assault us “ragtags”, they were told to ignore previously established ammunition limits (which we only found out about this morning but wondered how they had managed to not run out themselves at the time) and just rolled on through us once we all ran out of ammo… and had no extra because we had been told not to carry any extra and that our equipment and resupply would be transported out to our Forward Operating Base… none of which seemed to have happened.
When we finally did get sent somewhere for pickup and resupply we got bussed 10 at a time in the back of a van to our new FOB (this was mainly to get us away from the directing staff as we were asking why we have just played a sunday style game as an apparent warm up), once in the FOB, a few guys had plenty of time to get a brew on and literally have fucking tea and biscuits having reloaded and waited for the rest of our team to be brought over, at which point the rest of us had chance to reload and get some food. Some guys werent so lucky, they got to the FOB to find bags and kit missing!
Then we were all redeployed on foot halfway across the site to the train station, where we stood about for most of the rest of the game/ daylight hours, with nobody doing anything remotely interesting (and this was only one of 2 planned tasks, apparently whilst NATO waited for it to get dark so they could use their Night Vision Goggles and IR lasers without the fear of having to actually engage us in a manner we could counterattack… probably because it took them too long to do so in the morning.
To be fair, they are not all to blame though, we heard countless similar tales from their side of the fence. Total lack of communication, them that didnt belong to a major milsim team getting sidelined and shitcanned on taskings in favour of the fan favourites. Many marshals didn’t even have radios, or apparently a clue what was going on at all, sime even stating they were pissed off with the disorganisation. Medic bags weren’t issued as intended so we had to fudge our way through, regen rules seemed to be slackened for the other side from what we heard, due to vast distances between things. They were told to carry as much ammo as they liked, of which we didnt get the same courtesy.
No taskings, no objectives, just waiting for NATO to spend ages briefing their guys for them then to be bussed over in salvos from outside the gaming area to right under our noses but then sit there waiting and doing fuck all until the night drew in… we got so bored we left our Observation & Check Points just to go and fucking shoot someone.
In a good few years of playing, I have had some shit shocking days with bad sportsmanship or foul play, but this was just little or no play whatsoever. Im not too sure what occured on saturday evening with the endex being called early, but friend report a marshal giving the order as directed by HTIS heirachy. I personally witnessed the HTIS boss slagging off the militia commander saying it was him that was giving the endex order so that he didnt get beaten too badly.
So, after 5 hours guarding a VCP next to the train station that had no gameplay significance, it was to the safe zone and bar we went. There were other stupid things like a certain famous Youtuber walking around with a mag in his sidearm whilst inside the actual bar. He was reminded he had a mag in and replied “its ok, its not gassed!”.
Another shit point for most people was the food situation. The meals were touted by HTIS as “you can get a full meal including a pudding for £3.50p, when infact breakfast was £6.50p and if you were lucky enough to get one of the paltry 70 meal tickets (for evening meal on the saturday) between 250 people, you would be paying £11. Another sticking point was only one chrono to check that many players, many of which had 2 or more RIFs. 
Obviously just the thoughts of one individual, but would love to hear others. Hit us up if you perhaps had a very different experience as we would love to piece it all together a little more.
Furthermore, we have heard some very worrying reports that the company behind HTIS has since folded due to all the requests of refunds from the event. Did you manage to get one? Let us know if yes.