Blue Fox 2 – The other side of the story.

Straight off the back of our previous post, which was submitted to us under the condition of anonymity for the author, here is part 2 but this time it’s been sent to us by someone on the NATO team at the recent HTIS OP Blue Fox 2.

Before giving my views of the events that unfolded at BF2, I would just like to say that Gaz the owner is a real genuine nice guy and I feel he was let down by his team at this event. I would like to thank him for the effort and planning but the running of the event was less than desirable and left a very sour taste and an empty wallet leading up to Christmas.

My views will be coming from the NATO side or as we have been so graciously named the “Speshul farces” we accept this name and take it on the chin because hey who wants to see in the dark right.

Lets start from the beginning of the OP the “meat grinder” or skirmish special that was a rolling defence game conducted in the woods. This was basically how it went down, each team butting heads for two hours while the rest of the site was being used as it was doubled booked. This initial game only worked to drain both teams of ammo and let the NATO commander scream down our comms till he blew his voice out, becoming the penguin from Toy Story 2. This was the last I had seen or heard of our commander for the rest of the OP.

Following the game in the woods, we pushed towards “L” Block where we had to capture the building adjacent to “L” Block, once cleared, this is where it fell silent for about 2 hrs as we all had little to no ammo left, we were still waiting for our ammo to arrive ( just like the Ruskies our ammo and kit had somehow managed to vanish for 2 hrs) so we stood around in the rain.  The Marshall team (no help here) drove each other around in their nice warm vans, taking turns poorly attempting to herd each team around like a gang of feral cats, even though both teams for this whole time had been asking: what was going on? where is our kit & ammo? what are we doing?

All the lads had been dying to play, we didn’t want to wait for the dark as people said, we are day walkers. We ended up coming out just as it got the the point where it was going to dusk and we got our ammo (after what seemed like an eternity) we were briefed by sergeant squeak and went on our way, hoping for a good scrap. Our tasking was to capture the oil rig, however once we came to within 200m of the objective, the entire event just turned into a cluster fuck, we were informed by a Marshall that our tasking had been changed and subsequently that we had to collapse into a grouping of trees by the train line. This whole time we have been watching about 30 Russians standing on the oil rig wanting for us to engage them. We decided to assualt the oil rig purely because it seemed to have the most OpFor players on it and, well, we were there……so why run from a fight? It seemed like the marshals only ever tried to pen everyone in the same area so they could monitor us all, but whats the point in using this massive site if its just going to turn into another meat grinder session in a small corner of a massive site, as the start of the day hard turned out.

Next we have Ammo situation. Yes the NATO team had been told to carry loose Ammo by marshals, all I can do is say “sorry” to the Russians as the poor comms, bad planning and ineffective marshals hadn’t given them the info same info.

So the fight for the oil rig takes place, the oil rig has been captured, now we try and take the tallest building, of which we believed to be the Russian forces FOB. It was a massive multi story building with clear lines of sight and open ground for about 75m around the building, basically an impossible task but we tried anyway, we ultimately failed. The night went on, players went to bed or to grab some food, a few lads tried to sneak into the enemy HQ in order to try a grab on the HVT, now from what I am told (from players on the Russian side) these players watched & waited for a good long while until the right moment at which point they entered the building and attempted to capture the HVT, upon which they were informed it was EndEx by the Russian commander, who we also believed was the HVT. Now this is where it really starts to get messy, a Russian player even said that these lads put the effort into executing all this  and unfortunately was shafted by the poor marshalling and comm structure.

Seeing as this magical mystery EndEx had just been called, a large amount of players called it a night and went back to the bar or to bed, some Russians & NATO stayed out (like the cracking lads they were, but unfortunately like us, were left standing around with nothing to do). Luckily to resolve this, a quick thinking member of the NATO players got hold of a marshal and asked if he could throw it out to Gaz, if we could have mini skirmish to try salvage the night. Gaz the organiser gave the green light, so this wasn’t rogue players, we all went round looking for Russians to fight in a building and, luckily, a group of them joined the lads to have a decent little scrap, this helped end the night on a high (even though it had mostly been a low) and that was the night.

Now with regards to the Bar, I had heard reports about a youtuber walking around with a mag in his gun at the bar, just to clarify this was not the case. It was in fact a different person from the event, who was dealt with by his own team.

Moving onto the Sunday or OP “Stand Around” as it was. This was by far the lowest point for me as it was hammered home that I had spent £95 to stand around for a day, watch the Marshals drive up & down in their cars as if they had come to a safari park with the players being the baboons in a cage, one player even waved a marshal down (who it turned out was actually one of the event directors) and asked what was going on? We had been standing around with no taskings or direction, we even cleared an empty building thanks to incorrect information from a marshal. At this point everyone was getting fed up, this guy wasn’t happy and made it clear to the organiser that, this was up there with one the shitest events he had ever been to, he even asked how can he go about getting a refund, to which the marshal’s reply was “well” and he drove off.

I watched all of this unfold and, to be fair, that summed the event up for me really in that one word “well”. Possibly two words in fact, “well fuck”

This was the end for the event for me really, my heart wasn’t in it. I went back to my room and packed my shit and started to think of ways  time travel or gain the ability to see into the future, just so that I would never have to go through all this again because, like many others, I had taken time from work for this, using valuable holiday leave for an experience I could of gotten from a walk-on for a fraction of the price.

On the bright side, they had pretty nice digs but thats not really what anyone was there for, is it?