Battle Tested – The Hex Mag

We always try to review anything new and shinny we get our hands on, and the majority of the time, we only post our positive pieces. This time round we have a look at the Hex Mag and how they performed.

Having spoken to a few people about them, we decided to dive in. On paper they look great, the detail on the actual mag is brilliant, the inter-changeable follower and catch at the bottom is an awesome idea. But just how did they actually perform?

Not great unfortunately.

We were super excited to get them out on the field and give them a proper run out. However, the first day, they were a real let down. General feeding was very poor. Anything over a 0.28g BB, these tend to really struggle with. Tested in several different rifles, they all had the same problem. Seems as though the springs just aren’t designed to have larger pressures put on them. Such a shame.

So how did we deal with? We persisted as they are still a great looking magazine and after a recent visit to an Airsoft Fair, very sought after. PTW springs saved the day, just regular PTW springs. For an extra £10 you can grab yourself a pack of spare springs (if you can find them in stock anywhere that is!) and marry them up with the existing ones. Problem solved. The only downside is, you lose about 20% capacity of the mag and at a starting 120 round mag, thats quite a bit.


The verdict. One of the better looking mags on the market, and the small things such as the different coloured followers are a real appealing feature. However, spending some fairly decent money on a pack of 5, and then needing to upgrade them instantly is not great and very frustrating. Would we recommend? Probably not, unless you don’t mind spending a little more time and money on better springs. We would however urge you to go for the new PTS Enhanced 150 rounders, which you can currently grab for a steal over at AlphaStar Airsoft.