Battle Tested – PTS Enhanced Pmag

Battle Tested “something that is shown to be reliable and effective by being used in battle” We’ve never been keen on giving praise for the sake of keeping up appearances, we’re not known to mince our words and we don’t believe in the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t open your mouth”.

We started off pretty wary about these, we’d all used the magpul midcap back in the day and didn’t think anything would beat them, sure other midcaps had come close, especially the Troy 190rnd and hexmag 120rnd midcaps but both had been let down by either flimsy construction or very poor feeding (cough hexmag) but this latest offering from PTS was something special.

The moment you pick the magazine up you’re greeted by a very reassuring weight, as Boris the Russian once said “heavy is good”, but these aren’t so heavy that you’ll have to be hitting the gym 5 times a week to carry a full loadout. All of the weight comes from the build quality, which would be superb if it wasn’t for the fake bullet window on the magazine.

What are all airsoft magazines designed to do, feed BBs and these mags have no issues doing that at all. From the 1st BB to the 150th there’s no noticeable change in feeding AND this was tested using .3g BBs, its so often that you hear people raving about how great a magazine is using light weight BBs but it falls down on the heavier types, you’ve got to question how good something is if it can’t shift a fat fucker and 150 of his mates.

There’s a handy window at the top of the magazine (that’s normally concealed by the mag well) that shows you when you’ve gone through roughly half a mag and a bright orange follower that shows you when the magazine is full loaded in another small window on the side, Now these might not seem light the biggest of features but they’re certainly worth having.

Fitting in the mag well……every receiver is slightly different depending on make and model of rifle, so getting a magazine that fits all rifles with no wobble isn’t going to happen however this comes pretty damn close and once it’s in it feels secure, there always used to be that slight moment of doubt in your mind that “maybe the mag isn’t fully in” but not anymore.

Rubber feet and ranger plates. The magazines come with slightly rubberised feet on the Base of each magazine which is partly to cushion a direct drop but also to use in the “magazine supported” shooting position. These rubber feet are removable and can be replaced by everyone’s favourite….the ranger plates, that being said we left ours as standard.

PTS have nailed it, it’s not too expensive, not too cheap either but after using a couple you won’t have any issues dishing out the £20 or so it costs to buy more of these mags. We picked ours up from AlphaStar Airsoft.

Tl:Dr They’re good, get your wallets out.