Battle tested – Haleys DC3R

“Battle Tested “something that is shown to be reliable and effective by being used in battle” We’ve never been keen on giving praise for the sake of keeping up appearances, we’re not known to mince our words and we don’t believe in the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t open your mouth”.

All of the above being said, trust us when we tell you that the D3cr is a great bit of kit. We’ve had D3cr chest rigs in the team for the last year or so, during that time they have been thoroughly battle tested both in Airsoft & by our Infantry team mate and So far, it’s not failed to perform brilliantly.

The D3cr is lightweight, can carry 5 AR or AK type magazines, 2 pistol mags and has 2 small/medium utility pouches, it embodies the idea of “fight light”, it even has an optional flat pack attachment for use as a daysack/ backpack. Once adjusted to your body it’s surprisingly comfortable (so much so that you can forget you’re wearing it) and holds well to your body but doesn’t restrict movement, unlike traditional webbing or larger rigs. It can also be attached to a plate carrier system, which works well and provides continuity when swapping between high and low profile setups by keeping all your pouches in the same positions.

Profile wise it is perfect for urban/ cqb/ enclosed environments along with vehicle based operation, it being no wider than your torso comes in handy for cramped crew compartments in Armoured fighting platforms and regular vehicles alike. The only down side is it’s small utility storage capacity but that is easily over come and more than offset by the increase in manoeuvrability that comes from the system. The construction of the D3cr is very robust yet elegant in its simplicity, there’s no wasted space or unnecessary features, it’s hard wearing yet light and there’s been no compromise on quality.

It’s available in a range of colours and camouflage patterns for a wide range of environments, there’s also a heavy version for higher calibre weapon users, which is designed to accommodate larger magazines. Before finding the D3cr we had a mix of rigs made by Warrior Assault Systems, Crye Precision and so on, since finding the D3cr…..another 2 teams members have made the switch with possibly more to follow. The verdict: If you have the money, get one. If you don’t have the money, start saving.“