Battle Tested – Arc’terex MX Gloves

Tactical gloves, almost everyone uses them these days in Airsoft. We’ve had many pairs, some stand out amongst the others…some do not.

Today we’re looking back at a pair that have truly been tested to destruction. The Arc’teryx MX gloves. Now these can only be purchased from a small number of retailers, they’re not regular combat gloves, in fact, they’re ice climbing gloves.

The design. The MX gloves use a mixture of softshell materials and leather, with soft leather fingers, hard leather palms and softshell on the back hand along with some knuckle padding. The idea being that the leather deals with all the hard wear-and-tear whilst the softshell keeps the wind away. They also had an inner thermal lining that allowed the MX gloves to perform well in low temperatures.


The Performance. Arc’teryx have earned their reputation as a manufacturer of high end clothing & gear and the MX gloves live upto that reputation in every aspect. The pair that we had lasted from early 2013 until being laid to rest in late 2015. They’ve travelled across the world from the -25°c of Fort Drum to +40°c of Kenya and then -40°c in Alaska, they survived Scottish winter, Welsh summer (rain) and everything in between.

The Downside. These gloves are now only available in black, which is a massive shame as they stood head and shoulders above the Oakley, Blackhawk, Viper and Mechanix in their time, luckily the regular Arc’teryx combat gloves have continued support and are more than capable of taking the mantle from the MX, but they do cost more.


Ultimately, you always get what you paid for and 2 years worth of use from a pair of, at the time, £70+ gloves is pretty good. 

Would we use them again? Yes.

Would we recommend them to others? Yes.

Why don’t we all still use them? Product discontinued, unless you want them in plain black.