Always on the hunt.

The search for decent ammunition within Airsoft had always been something we as a team have been interested in and to that end, we’ve been doing some comparisons between several brands (if you can think of one we should try, let us know).

The two brands that we have currently been comparing are the Ares Amoeba .28g VS the Madbull. 28g BB, both are listed as being high grade diamond precision BBs. Out of the bag there’s very little difference in colour, both being a slightly off white colour, both have very tight tolerances  (average of 0.008mm for Madbull and 0.012mm for the Ares Amoeba).

The Ares is slightly rounder than the madbull but the madbull is closer to the listed 5.95mm. On the scales the madbull weighs in at an average of .28g and the Ares Amoeba is a slightly heavy. 29g (which is coincidentally the perfect weight for polarstar rifles). Stats aside, both BB brands used worked perfectly in our rifles with no chopping or stray shots, both provided a very good range with the Ares Amoeba giving a tighter grouping at maximum range and a slightly longer range than the madbull.

After using the two brands, for us, the Ares Amoeba BB’s come out on top, it’s a close battle on stats but the price swings it in the end with Redwolf UK selling the Madbull for £17.95 and the Ares Amoeba for £11.50 with both bags being in the 1kg (4000rds) region. TL:DR, if you can get the Ares Amoeba BB’s, do so.